Proudly Serving Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota & Charlotte Counties

Proudly Serving Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota & Charlotte Counties


“So thankful for Dan and our amazing water! After years of living with water we wouldn’t even give our pets, the reverse osmosis system is a dream. Our water tastes GOOD – food and things made with the water taste so much better – we no longer have to buy (and carry!) 5 gallon jugs if water. The whole home system let’s me take long showers without my eyes burning and bathe my kids without stressing over the damage being done to their precious skin. After meeting with another water company, I thought this was something out of our reach and worried we’d never find a company we could trust to do as they say they’ll do. Then we met Dan the Waterman. Our home is cleaner, healthier and happier since meeting Dan. His honesty and trustworthiness, along with affordable pricing, allowed us to fulfill a dream goal for our family. We can’t stop telling people how amazing this water, and our experience, has been. “

Tara Smith

“Not a choice but a MUST with today’s “junk” in our water! I was amazed that even my husband could tell the difference – he was skeptical but he couldn’t believe the difference in the taste of his coffee! I even conducted a blind taste taste using A) Bottled water from our water cooler B) Filtered water from our fridge C) Propur water – hands down Propur won in this house!! Not only are we completely satisfied with this investment but the customer service was bar none! Dan has been so helpful in providing the best customer service & making sure that all my needs were met. He by far goes above and beyond the call for customer service! Also, I would like to mention that the quality of the packing for shipping was A-MAZING!!! I was so impressed at how much tcare e quality control was placed around my Propur & parts. It arrived safe and sound without any damage. I highly recommended investing into yourself and tour family’s well being ~ it’s worth it. “

Jan Chapdelaune

“When we first moved to the area there were a lot of different water filter companies that knocked on our door. Dan from Water Filter Warehouse was one of them. He was by far the best one of the 4 companies that we got quotes from as far as knowledge, comfort level, and price. Not only did he give me the best price but he also stops by our house every couple of weeks to check on us when he is in the area. How about that for customer service! We are glad we found Water Filter Warehouse and will continue to refer our friends and family to you. Thank you! “

Ricardo Gonzales

” Dan has an awesome heart and mission. Limiting toxicity is one of our best defenses against chronic disease, cancer, and other evils. Having the top quality water filtration is one of the best choices of investment we can ever make for our own future and well-being. I appreciate Dan for all his hard work for such a great cause and blessing to humanity. “

Jaron Lines

” As an auto detailer the calcium in the water dries up very quick during the hot summer days leaving water stains and making the job a bit more challenging,water filter warehouse directed me to the right filter to help make my job easier,thank you Dan. “

Angelo Burgarello

” My wife and I moved into a Riverview, FL mobile home park several years ago. Upon moving in we found that drinking the tap water was not acceptable. We are very health conscious and for a long time had to resort to going out every few days and getting bottled water from a machine at CVS . We met Dan through an on-line search and had him come demonstrate his water purifying system. It seemed too good to be true but it wasn’t! We purchased the Berkey system for in the kitchen and a shower filter. Both have been wonderful. The cost was very reasonable, the unit is attractive and easy to clean and fill. No more going out to get “good water”. The smell and taste of the filtered water is amazing! We had a small problem with the original filter and Dan replaced it immediately with no hassle. Overall we are extremely pleased with the product, the service and the dealer. We also recommend it to everyone we talk to about healthy drinking water. It is a 5 star company in every respect. “

Richard S

” I purchased two Berkey water systems and a shower filter from the Water Filter Warehouse last year as Christmas presents—what could be better than the gift of clean, healthy water?! Dan was extremely helpful and very pleasant to work with. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all thoroughly and patiently. Shopping can be hectic during the holiday season, and although supplies were running low and there were issues with shipping (not the fault of the Water Filter Warehouse!), Dan took care of every detail going above and beyond good customer service to SUPERIOR customer service to make sure my order arrived in time for Christmas. I have referred many friends to the Water Filter Warehouse and will continue to do so without hesitation, and I will continue to take advantage of their expertise and commitment to excellent products, services and pricing. “

Deborah R

” I bought a home system from the owner of the Water Filter Warehouse before starting his own company but continue to get service and additional supplies/products from them. My experience with the Water Filter Warehouse has been nothing but positive. I respect their business model, customer service, and personal touch. I have not been disappointed yet! “

Frankie V.

” Last year around this time I ordered a Berkey water filter plus the additional fluoride filter as well as a chlorine filter for our shower. Dan from the Water Filter Warehouse got back to me right away, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and shipped exactly what I needed. He has been extremely helpful whenever I have had questions and also promptly responds to email. As far as the water filtration itself, my skin is doing much better with the chlorine filter in the shower. Our Berkey is wonderful and we absolutely love it. I don’t think we will ever go back. They are worth every penny that you spend on them. They are also fairly easy to put together as long as you read the directions. I highly recommend this company. “

Alaina A.

” I recently purchased a whole house water filter from the Water Filter Warehouse. I had a wonderful experience. I am confident they worked to get me the best system possible for my exact needs at the best price possible. All other systems I looked at were significantly more expensive and less ideal for my situation. the Water Filter Warehouse went above and beyond to look specifically at my area to make sure I have pure, safe water for my family. Dan was excellent to work with, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I am definitely recommending this company to my family and friends “

Jessica L.

” For years we had a similar system with a different company in houses we owned, but it was getting very expensive to maintain each year. We had our Berkey Water Filter system installed in 2010 and have been extremely happy with it. Having a free annual system checkup is a great feature and gives me confidence in the product that we purchased. “

Michael B.

” BEST DECISION WE HAVE EVER MADE! After interviewing many companies and comparing products, my husband and I proudly purchased an Aquavida water purifier and conditioner from Dan with the Water Filter Warehouse. This is by far the best system out there! Since we have purchased our system my hair is much healthier, my skin does not breakout nearly as much, my pots do not get that disgusting white line around them after boiling water, NO MORE WATER SPOTS! and no more water bottles! (especially after I saw how disgusting the water is compared to our new water!) We now use less soap, shampoo, and detergent! I have to admit I was skeptical at first about a water system, and now I don’t know how we ever lived without it! I would recommend Dan and our Aquavida system to EVERYBODY! Along with the system I must also say Dan was amazing! He met us after work, on our schedule, to install our system. He did the work extremely neatly and clean! He even swept off the sidewalk from the small amount of dirt that accumulated from working. Dan even checked in a couple of days later to make sure we were satisfied! I cannot express my happiness enough! This is the best system out there, and the best priced. You can really have your cake and eat it too! “

Courtney S.

” My experience with the Water Filter Warehouse was 100% positive. Dan was easy to work with, and my Berkey Water Filter arrived in just a short time. The price was comparable to anywhere else and the service was great. All of our questions were answered quickly and completely. I would definitely deal with this company again. This was a very positive shopping experience. “

Janet G.

” Dan “The Water Man” is the most honest and skilled water filtration expert in the Florida area. Clean water is the best thing I could of did for my family. Thanks Water Filter Warehouse. “

J Alfredo

” Love the good customer service and my new water system! “

Alethea Brooks

” Great customer service and price! Love the attention to detail this company offers. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for this must have in any home! “

Ann Gionta

” Incredible system installed. We love the clean, soft water and reverse osmosis water we drink. Better skin and hair qualities
Great service, installation and pricing. Wholly recommend Water Filter Warehouse “

Brad Kreiger

” Life doesn’t exist without water. In today’s world, water filtration is unfortunately necessary due to all the pollutants in our water system. Dan is an expert is this field! He knows what works best. See home before anyone else. “

Bernie Pigott

” I highly recommend Water Filer Warehouse. Their knowledge of the water industry and excellent service is great! “

Donna Williams

” Incredible system installed. We love the clean, soft water and reverse osmosis water we drink. Better skin and hair qualities. Great service, installation and pricing. Wholly recommend Water Filter Warehouse “

Brad Kreiger

” I’ve worked with Dan in a various environment and can vouch that his integrity, ethics and passion are unparalleled. If he’s stands behind it I am buying it! Dan “

Cristina Alonzo

” Thanks doe Always being informative about the Latest local water info “

Liane Deeds

” Thanks to Dan with the Water Filter Warehouse! Excellent service! “

Alansen Turnquist

” Great service, Great product! Will continue to use them for future needs! “

Raquel A.

” We LOVE our Berkey Water Filtration System that we purchased from the Water Filter Warehouse. Customer Service was great. Any questions were answered quickly. We had a great experience and would purchase from them again! “

Whitney C.

” Dan came out to test my water. My wife and i were so happy with how he was not a pushy sales person. He educated us and helped us see the benefits of better water. This company is top knotch compared to all the others. Thank you very much! “

Mark B.

” Dan is a real water expert! His knowledge of the products and how the clean water impacts our family was very impressive. I highly recommend Dan and the Water Filter Warehouse. “

Lane H

” Dan the water man at the Water Filter Warehouse is the Tampa Bay area resident expert. His skills, expertise, and customer service is invaluable. Thank you for taking care of my boss as they love their water softener and filtration system. “

Steve C.

” Great company! Awesome communication and amazing prices. The products they carry are top of the line and have changed my family’s life for the better. Fast shipping and they really do care about the customer. I would recommend them to anyone! “

Brooke S.

” What Dan is doing to help real people out there is second to none! Strongly recommended! Thanks Dan for Over delivering! “

Rosie Geller

” Great person and great product. Highly recommended! “

Roberto Rivera

” Water filtration was a must after hearing Dan. Facts are facts “

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