Water Filter Warehouse was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing the Tampa Bay Area with clean, healthy water. We want families to have access to the highest quality of water in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.

At Water Filter Warehouse we only offer the best products in our industry to ensure your water quality is the best it possibly can be. Unfiltered water can contain impurities such as high amounts of iron, sulfur, bacteria and other contaminants that can be harmful to your health, ruin appliances, and stain fixtures. Properly filtered water is an investment that protects everything important to you!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Let us help you and your family, by improving your quality of life. We carry a variety of customizable options to fit your needs and budget!

Water Filter Warehouse has help thousands of families with their need for the cleanest water and desire for better living! Join the WFW family today!


Current Events:

-Flint, Michigan: We donated 500 water filtration bottles in light of the recent issues regarding lead in the Flint area.

-Puerto Rico: Due to the destruction of hurricane Irma, we have been able to extend our reach to Puerto Rico and provide 1050 water filter bottles! This equates to 105,000 gallons of water! Special thanks to all who have made this possible!

– Tampa, Florida: We are currently working on providing lead water filters to each school in the Hillsborough County School District that is having lead issues in their water.


  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    When we first moved to the area there were a lot of different water filter companies that knocked on our door. Dan from Water Filter Warehouse was one of them. He was by far the best one of the 4 companies that we got quotes from as far as knowledge, comfort level, and price. Not only did he give me the best price but he also stops by our house every couple of weeks to check on us when he is in the area. How about that for customer service! We are glad we found Water Filter Warehouse and will continue to refer our friends and family to you. Thank you!

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  • Alethea Brooks

    Love the good customer service and my new water system!

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  • Angelo Burgarello

    As an auto detailer the calcium in the water dries up very quick during the hot summer days leaving water stains and making the job a bit more challenging,water filter warehouse directed me to the right filter to help make my job easier,thank you Dan.

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  • Jaron Lines

    Dan has an awesome heart and mission. Limiting toxicity is one of our best defenses against chronic disease, cancer, and other evils. Having the top quality water filtration is one of the best choices of investment we can ever make for our own future and well-being. I appreciate Dan for all his hard work for such a great cause and blessing to humanity.

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  • Ann Gionta

    Great customer service and price! Love the attention to detail this company offers. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for this must have in any home!

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  • Bernie Pigott

    Life doesn’t exist without water. In today’s world, water filtration is unfortunately necessary due to all the pollutants in our water system. Dan is an expert is this field! He knows what works best. See home before anyone else.

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  • Brad Kreiger

    Incredible system installed. We love the clean, soft water and reverse osmosis water we drink. Better skin and hair qualities
    Great service, installation and pricing. Wholly recommend Water Filter Warehouse

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  • Donna Williams

    I highly recommend Water Filer Warehouse. Their knowledge of the water industry and excellent service is great!

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  • Cristina Alonzo

    I’ve worked with Dan in a various environment and can vouch that his integrity, ethics and passion are unparalleled. If he’s stands behind it I am buying it! Dan

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  • Liane Deeds

    Thanks doe Always being informative about the Latest local water info

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  • Alansen Turnquist

    Thanks to Dan with the Water Filter Warehouse! Excellent service!

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  • Raquel A.

    Great service, Great product! Will continue to use them for future needs!

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